Guidelines For Becoming A Professional Escort

To become a professional escort, one has to learn the ropes of the business and stick to some standard operating procedures. An escort should be able to discern things that can pose a personal danger or a threat to their business. Escorts should understand the importance of having a happy customer since retaining a customer is easier and involves less risk compared to finding a new customer. In fact, it is repeat customers who make escort business thrive when new clients are hard to find. The following guidelines are essential for newbies in the trade to enable them to develop into serving premium clients and enjoy the financial rewards that come with such clients:


Never disclose your address and personal contacts to a client. Some clients become possessive of escorts with exceptional service which can turn tragic due to jealousy. Never carry documents that can give away your identity in your purse.

Payment before services are rendered

Your clients should pay for the bookings before your meeting. Never accept payment through credit cards since the transaction can be canceled. You should also invest in a money checker to prevent being paid using fake currency. Always open envelopes containing money for service to clients before leaving since some clients might dupe you using empty envelopes. Never let a client see how much money you have when they are paying you. Use a different purse to keep your payment to avoid exposing other cash in your possession.

Clear terms for new customers

Make your terms and conditions very clear to a new client. Terms and conditions might be in areas such as mode of payment, duration of service, and the kind of service to expect. You should also find out what are the client’s expectations to establish if you can accommodate him. Doing this ensures your client’s expectations will be met; thus, increasing the likelihood of having them come back. Never discuss sex with a client over the phone since you are not offering sex but an experience. Never accept bookings from clients where your instincts are not clear about due to questions asked or by the way they talk to you over the phone. You should never respond to customers who call from public payphones since they could be law enforcers of people just wasting your time.

Be Analytical of Your Environment

You should be able to sense signs of trouble from the slightest indicators and fled to avoid being caught up in a disadvantaged position. Learn to trust your gut feelings. Strong analytical skills will help you earn respect from your clients and be treated like the real professional you are.

Work for a reputable agency

One of the best tips for starting out in the escort profession is to find a reputable agency to work for. This will help you get going and establish a good client base to ensure you are successful.

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